Bus Hire

Whether it’s business or leisure, NSR Hire has affordable bus hire options to suit your needs, from 8 and 12 seater mini buses to large 29 seater buses.

With Australia-wide bus hire service, NSR Hire can get your group to where they need to be in comfort, at an affordable price, and with service that is second to none. For further information, please click here.

Mini Buses

Our 8 and 12 seater mini buses are ideal for moving small groups without a fuss. For school or corporate transfers, teams, excursions or special nights out, these spacious vehicles will accommodate your group and all their gear.


To move large groups, our 29 seater buses are a comfortable way to transport tour groups, schools, special events and mine-spec. Bus hire is available for short term, long term and even arrange an operating lease if you need one.

When to hire a bus

There are instances when you may need to move a group of people around. When this happens, you have the options of seeking the services of charter coach companies or hiring a bus.

When moving groups of people over long distances using a charter becomes costly and difficult. The best option you have is to hire a bus, which is both convenient and pocket friendly owing to the efficiency of accomplishing the task and you only pay for services you require. So, if you want to move a group of people, outside or within Perth, there certain factors you need to consider when hiring a bus and they include:

Cost of hiring a bus

The cost of hiring a bus is the most important factor when you decide to bus hire in Perth. This is because the cost of hiring will determine whether you will hire a bus or seek other options.

To ensure you’re getting the best rate, you can find out from the bus hiring company their rates, fuel charges, cost of insurance, charges per kilometre and base rental cost. It is crucial you identify the hidden charges such as taxes to ensure that you do not spend more than you’ve budgeted.

It can be a cost-cutting measure to find out if there are days of the week that are cheaper than others. There are companies that offer deals during certain days of the week, which you can capitalise on especially if you are going over a long distance.

It is worth carrying out price comparisons among companies offering bus hire in Perth, to choose the company that fits your bill.

The reputation of the bus hire company

There are numerous bus hire companies that offer bus hire services in Perth and it is important that you identify the company that not only offers the best bus hire services, but also which has the best deals and prices. Other than comparing the various companies offering bus hire in Perth, you can read customer reviews on their websites and seek referrals and recommendations from family and friends.


There are bus hire companies that have mileage / km limits, restricting how far the bus can move while the majority of these bus hire companies do not provide one-way moves. As a result, it is crucial that you find out about this prior to hiring a bus. You do not want to a hire a bus that cannot go to where you want to go or if it does, you are forced to incur extra cost.

Company policy on fuelling and damages

When you decide to hire a bus in Perth, you may need to read the fine print and understand the company’s policies on fuel fill up and damages. Usually, you may be required to return the bus fully fuelled otherwise you attract penalties/fines. On the other hand, examine what the policy is on damages. If your insurance cannot cover damages on a hired bus, it is wise to pay loss damage waiver coverage given by the bus hiring company.

Finding the right bus to hire that meets and even exceeds your needs, expectations and preferences in Perth is not an easy feat. However, taking these factors into account is your first step towards having pleasant experiences when hiring a bus. Remember, making ample preparations such as packing prior to hiring a bus can not only save your dollars but also allow you to move in ease. For further information, please click here.

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